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    Had a pair of 205 Kastle SG skis in the early 90's
    went down to a 190 Rossi 7S
    then to a 180 Atomic BetaRide 9.22 - first shaped ski, very heavy but great ski!
    then to a 168 Atomic C7
    this year a 164 Atomic Snoop Daddy - still awaitng binders

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    207 K2 5500

    I had purchased a pair of Spalding Sideral (anyone remeber those) 215s at a swap when I was a teenager for $20 but I never got them mounted. My parents gave me $hit when I brought them home... I guess they knew what they were talking about...

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    Quote Originally Posted by SkiDork View Post

    207 K2 5500
    I used to ski that 207 K2 5500 as my powder ski back in the day. I think I owned 4 pairs of them. They were a dentist and laywer ski so the 207 didn't sell very well and I could buy them dirt cheap. They made great poaching skis since I didn't care if I pulled an edge.

    My longest boards ever were Rossi Equipe GS skis in a 212. I bought them used from a ski shop owner I used to work for back in college.

    I owned tons of things in 205 and 207. A few Salomon cap skis like the 2S. K2 KVC. K2 710. Yamaha Paramount Custom SR. A honeycomb ski called Century. Dynaster Omeglass. Dynaster S-730. A string of Spaulding Siderals in high school that all broke after a couple of days. Spaulding Squadra Course. Kastle National Team SL.

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    PRE DH skis, think they were 223 or 225.

    Circa mid to late '80s

    Skied 215 Elans & 207 PREs until I turned to the dark side.

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