SOG Knives Double Headed Axe w/Nylon Sheath

Developed by Thag the Conquerer in 406 B.C., the SOG Double Headed Axe is one of the oldest items that has been in continuous production. (Yes, beer is older.) But, according to Thag, the Double Headed Axe would never even have been invented if it weren't for beer. Thag also maintains, 'UNGH,' and 'AWGH,' and a few other guttural sounds that we didn't know how to spell. What he's trying to say is that the Double Headed Axe is based on the construction and durability of the Tomahawk. It can shape and split wood if you're out camping or sculpting those ridiculous bear-shaped front-door decoration things. It can also be used during military operations for breaching or extraction. The stainless steel head is mounted to a ballistic polymer handle with heavy-duty bolts and a steel ferrule to stand up to any punishment that you can dish out, whether you're chopping wood or lopping off zombie heads.
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