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    Question Permanent Links and searches >1 year

    1) how can I create a permanent link to the cheap threads from prior years?
    2) how can I search to find threads more than one year old.
    We have cheap threads going back at least four years.


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    I think two of the changes were due to the PHP > vBulletin switch and at some point AZ Forums changed from having thread links containing the title to the ID number. Unless Nick changes the breadcrumb trail (or vBulletin changes its naming scheme), the links above will likely remain consistent (You can eliminate the highlight search parameter from the link if you want).

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    Yes, Greg had a plugin installed for a while that changed the links to contain the title, which made them easier to find by search engines. He stopped using the plugin when it started some other problems, so we went to regular links. They also changed before that with the switch from PHP to vBulletin, like Steve said. The links above should remain valid unless Nick changes something major like the forum software. Even then they may remain valid.

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    I'm not planning on changing anything right now. Eventually we may move to Vbulletin 4, but to be honest I haven't found all that many benefits of it over this version.

    I'll keep this in mind if something changes in the future. This season at least, expect very few changes from a visual perspective. My main goal this year is to understand the forum as well as possible in its current build format. Next year I might work on some redesign over the summer, but that will most likely be on the main content pages, not the forum.
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