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    They already have a horrible gash through there called Dave's Inferno.
    Huh, what you talkin about Willis?

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    Btw look at the map the zipline is on Hunter property, why can't a blue trail be cut around there, would take an incredible amount of pressure off of Belt Parkway???

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    And cost a fortune.
    Lets go!
    I'll drive.

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    I am sure there are serious costs, but Hunter has put up two new lifts with greater uphill capacity than it had in the past. Everyone who skis there on the weekend knows that Belt gets way too crowded and that there are many intermediate skiers on the trails where they shouldn't be. Frankly by noon this creates dangerous situations on Belt and on the face of the mountain. Just one more blue from the top would make the mountain much more enjoyable for all.

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    The terrain heading under the ZIP is very steep. Several years ago, Dave sent a bulldozer and they cut a zig zag goat path that starts from the trail sign heading to the fire tower. It basically ruined the tree skiing around there (further ruined by all the recent logging and debris). But too make a full width Blue trail is not possible towards that direction nor desirable. Plenty of Blue square terrain can be cut from below the Belt heading towards the road to Z lift.

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