"Warm" demo day...


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    "Warm" demo day...

    Ken Jones of Nashua at Mt. Sunapee
    Atomic, Blizzard, Fischer, K2, Nordica, Rossignol, Salomon, Volkl (again no sign of Dynastar, Elan or Head)
    Mid-high 40s to start the day, over 60 by mid-afternoon. Soft, some light slush later in the day, very easy skiing in general. Didn’t write everything down, so dimensions are not guaranteed accurate, though lengths will at least be close.

    Skis tested (in order skied):
    K2 AMP Bolt – 179cm, 72mm wide underfoot
    “Speed Rocker” meaning the tips are slight turned up but no rise in tails. Have tested and like their AMP line since I first tested two years ago. This new model for next year is a hard snow carver. Two sheets of metal and a carbon “web” up front to further stiffen. Friend of mine and I both started on these and we both LOVED them. Carved very well, no chatter, no squirreliness at all. Short turns were a bit of work but little bit of rocker helps. Long radius were a blast. A stiff ski that doesn’t give out when you lean on them. Thought it is easily the stiffest ski K2 has made in a long time. K2 rep agreed.
    -Not sure I would want to ski tight trees or bumps with them but otherwise a GREAT frontside ski.

    Blizzard Magnum 8.0 – 172cm, 80 wide
    As the few Magnums I’ve tried go, these are another solid performing, do everything ski from a company that seems to be making nothing but great skis. Short and long turns were very stable and sure they could handle anything you throw at them.
    -Certainly would fit the bill as an everyday Eastern ski.

    Nordica Hell and Back (? Sub model) – 179cm, 84 wide
    Had to search to find what model of H&B this ski was. Always have trouble figuring out what line and model Nordica has out there, which annoys me as I love skiing their skis. Fairly stiff, very responsive. Can’t attest to ice hold as there was none to be found. Not sure how they would do.
    -Again another great choice as an everyday, almost all conditions Eastern ski.

    Nordica Hell and Back Steadfast – 179cm, 88(or 90) wide
    Pretty light ski that seems to hold pretty well, seeming more substantial than it might be. Wider than I’m used to but enjoyed it and it skied well.
    -Wider but could still ski comfortably most days.

    Salomon Enduro XT800 – 168cm, 80 wide
    I tried and liked the original Enduro when I demoed it December ’10. It seemed to jhold well on the then icy conditions and turned as quickly as I wanted, even though about a 180 length it didn’t ski that long with the rockered tip. NOW, they have multiple models for their Enduro line. Rep put my buddy on the XT880, 88 wide model in the 179ish length. Neither of us was thrilled. Very damp, dead feeling. Stable, predictable but no feedback at all. Don’t think the short length I was skiing mattered.
    -I love the two pairs of boots I’ve had over the years. Arguably the best binding in the business. And have had good and bad experiences with their skis. But just not much good to say about this ski. Maybe I just like a snappier ski with more feel. Not a damp ski fan in general
    -Though their rep was very personable and we discussed my boots and problem feet. Very informative and definitely the right guy to man the demo tent.

    Rossignol Experience 98 (or E9 – 172cm, 98 wide
    As we/I did most of the day, asked for a stiffer, good carving all-mountain ski. Not sure why he jumped at the chance to put us on the 98s. Granted it sounds like the 83 was pretty soft, but was thinking the 88 might have been decent. The 98 was indeed a pretty stiff ski, which is unusual at that length. Top of the trail (Lynx) was a bit mushy, thicker than elsewhere. These handled that VERY well. Further down as the snow firmed up a little bit it was a bit more of a chore being on these. Tough to turn a wide, stiff ski for extended periods of time. They were pretty turny though.
    -Friend hated these, I didn’t mind them. Though only on certain conditions. Would be tough to justify needing them.

    K2 AMP Velocity – 179cm, 82 wide (was told the same dimensions as Bolt, above)
    K2 rep said these were basically the same as the AMP Bolt, but with no carbon up front and no metal layers. Surprised there was no metal at all as they skied pretty similarly to the Bolt but was definitely more forgiving. Handled the slop pretty well up top. Do question how well they would hold up with the less-stout construction.
    -Probably a great ski for an intermediate heading up the levels. Guessing they will be at a bargain price as well.

    If money were no object and were to buy at full price early next season, it would probably be the K2 AMP Bolt. It may not be the best for all conditions (Blizzard Magnum 8.0 would take that) but is a great carver that was just a blast to ski hard.
    Great day skiing and just being out in the warm weather. Kudos to Ken Jones staff, Mt. Sunapee and all the reps for a great demo day.
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    "I remember -
    Shouts of joy skiing fast through the woods"

    -Neil Peart (Rush)
    From Grace Under Pressure

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    Pretty cool setup. I was suprised to see all the action there when I pulled into the parking lot. A friend of mine was in the Blizzard tent (hope he wasn't a dick ). They definitely have some nice skis this year.

    Only had a short time to ski, so I didn't try anything.

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    Think the demo crowd was at least half of who was there... Heard Wednesday, being 2-for-1 was pretty busy.

    And do believe the Blizzard rep was cool, as most were.

    "I remember -
    Shouts of joy skiing fast through the woods"

    -Neil Peart (Rush)
    From Grace Under Pressure

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