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    Winn, What is the best place to hit from 3/30 - 4/7?

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    Winn, What is the best place to hit from 3/30 - 4/7?
    If you're talking out west, I'll have to defer to our west coast guy--he tracks that area more than I do. Feel free to pose the question on our Facebook page and he'll address it as soon as possible. Keep a watch on the long range discussions at the bottom of the forecast pages to track the trends. Thanks!

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    wa-loaf, a friend of mine just flew out there yesterday, appears to be hitting the same places you are and I believe he lives out in your neck of the woods. You wouldn't happen to be traveling with a guy whose initials are CY and is from Marlboro, would you?

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    Not with him. Flew out solo and meeting friends who live out this way. Though I might meet up with Greg friday at Vail.

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