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    Quote Originally Posted by marcski View Post
    Legalskier: Did the pheasant have liability coverage?
    No fault.
    It couldn't collect though- it was dead.

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    I worked one summer for the University of Montana doing bird research in northern Arizona (got to live in a tent for 4 months on the Mogollon Rim, so that was cool). One day I was tracking a hermit thrush (smallish brown bird that, as the name implies, likes to hide) trying to find its nest site. After 4 hours of following this bird around, I was pretty sure we were circling in on its nest, and was looking forward to end this overly long track. All of a sudden there was a loud whooshing noise in the woods, and out of nowhere a sharp shinned hawk came swooping in and obliterated the thrush in a spray of feathers. I was so pissed at that hawk. I got to see her a few weeks later, though- we had a crew on that study plot mist netting, and I was checking in on them when they caught the hawk. They are all sharp claws and razor beak- pretty awesome sight. It took four of us to disentangle her and hold her for measurements.
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    Quote Originally Posted by legalskier View Post
    No fault.
    It couldn't collect though- it was dead.
    As long as the premiums were paid at the time of death, the carrier would be on the hook to indemnify the estate. .

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    Quote Originally Posted by marcski View Post
    Is the glass chipped at all? That impression is whacky stuff!
    The Glass seems to be undamaged, although there was a small feather stuck to it for a few hours.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nick View Post
    what is the imprint? Oils on the birds feathers or something?
    I wasn't sure what made the imprint was made from. But the answer is in the link you added later in the thread. Thanks for finding that.

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