More Touring Rip Dam to Greenville(Maine): 03-23-2012


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    More Touring Rip Dam to Greenville(Maine): 03-23-2012

    Date(s) Hiked: Friday March 23, 2012 Trails(s) Hiked: Cutting Roads(Generic tour) Total Distance: ~1mi hiked: off-road...back on Difficulty: easy Conditions: late winter-->springtime Special Required Equipment: healthy tires Trip Report:
    Drove up to Millinocket and over to Ripogenus Dam, then south to
    Greenville along the Golden Road and LilyBay Road.
    No animals out yet a few bald eagles around the West Br. Penobscot/Katahdin
    Pic #1: Looking out onto Knife's Edge end of Katahdin from the SE.
    Pics #2 and #3: A little brook one encounters at this time of year...running across and beginning to wash out
    a part of Lily Bay Road (~20mi north of Moosehead Lake) in this short stretch. Moving to the far righthand side to avoid the culvert and fault created helps as well.
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    Nice time of year, no bugs. Only one washout? Yeah, I guess this was a meager winter weather-wise
    Very short mud season I suspect. Thanks for the beautiful pics.
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    Yeah...most of the spring invasion by brooks, pretty easy to diagnose since most of the roads are dirt...but it's always safer to get out and do a little wading, jumping up & down...etc...for reassurance of stability... There are some little bridges that are wayyy off the main woods roads that, at first glance, quickly bring on that "heart up into your throat" feeling.....until you get out and somewhat(LOL) feel the density of the wood planks involved...but they're checked by wardens... But one can never fall asleep into paved-highway you know, little divits after a few days of rain can turn into potholes....a little softer than pavement but still can be pretty hard on a tire & axle...and you know...don't often get fixed for a while...
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    Not a cloud in the sky on this outing, very nice picture of the mountain. Some skiable areas remain! We're going to Baxter State Park in July, cannot wait, haven't been there in 10 years.

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