Kudos to Loon 3/25


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    Kudos to Loon 3/25

    Not enough time to post an extensive Trip Report but I wanted to draw attention to the efforts of Loon Mtn this winter. Not a big fan of the mountain but I went up today and skied from just before 10 to just past 2:30 in a light to moderate rain except for the last 45 minutes or so. Snow was soft and fun and I basically walked on lifts all day.

    The base depths are exceptional on the terrain (2+ feet everywhere and 3+ in lots of places) that will be open and the fan guns were in place with hoses attached waiting for temperatures to fall tonight. I was very impressed.

    Lower Flume has a full bump line spanning its' length - a little icey but that was ok.

    I was told they plan to ski another two weeks through Easter weekend with a little work at the bottom and normal temperatures that will not be a problem.

    I've skied four major resorts in VT, Maine and NH in the last 4 days and Loon has by best coverage. Good for them!

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    that's really good to know - thanks for the report. I already put away my ski stuff, but given the current cold spell and your report, I will be happy to get out for one more or two spring skking sessions.
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    Last year when I was back in New England with a silver pass I really noticed a change over there. They are definitely a contender early season as well. I do alot of midweek skiing and always like going over to loon for a change of pace.

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    I look forward to spending some time at Camp III. THAT is the highlight of my spring skiing season.

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