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    Rossignol S80 ?

    Does anyone ski on this or demoed it?

    I'm eyeing the 2011 Rossie S80 that seems to be offered by a few places at a really good price now (sub $ 300). Specs: 122-80-109, radius: 17.2m @ 185cm.
    I would probably get it in 170cm. I'm about 5'6', 160 lb.

    I really like a fast edge to edge ski that is responsive (solid rebound from deeply carved arcs) fun in moguls and everywhere else on the mountain so I'm partial to narrower wiast profile.

    I love powder but never get to it. As an eastern day skier (mostly), by the time I get to the goods, it's mostly crud, so big float really doesn't mean much to me and thus I'm paritial to the narrower profile.

    My current favorite is a K2 Apache Raider (119-78-109) which I just love for its versatility and response. It does everthing well (groomers, crud, woods, moguls and it floats well in whatever little powder I manage to get into here in the east) but I got it too short for me a few years back. At 163 cm, when I push it down the mountain at higher speeds, it's less than optimal in fast GS turns. It holds OK, but if it were a bit longer, I'd be happier. Although, I really enjoy short radius turns, keeping tight to the fall line style.

    I'm thinking about passing it onto my 16 year old who will be ready for it by next year.

    I'm just a bit afraid that the 80mm waist and the corresponding bigger shovel will compromise my abilty to retain dignity when skiing moguls, which when in nice conditions, I really like to ski. I've tried a couple of "fatter" waisted skis and it just wasn't my cup of tea. Going from 78 mm to 80mm waist seems a trivial difference, yet, overall it's a bigger profile ski.
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    I went from a 78mm Rossi B2 to 84 Fischer Motive. The B2s are definitely better in the bumps, but that has more to do with having softer tails than the Motives. The Motives are still pretty decent in all bumps except for hard pack bumps where the stiffer tails can get hung up a little bit on the back side of the bump.

    That said, for overall performance, the Motives blow away the B2s. Quicker edge to edge, better hold, better in crud......too narrow for powder deeper than six inches though.

    I have not skied the S80s, but wouldn't think you'd notice much of a difference. The difference in length will probably take more of you getting used to than the width.

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    It's kinda a short review, but I demoed them last year:

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