anyone experienced in snowboarding and skiing?


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    anyone experienced in snowboarding and skiing?

    as a kid i grew up skiing. never really got all that good, but had fun. after a few years of doing nothing, my sister got me into snowboarding. i have been riding for the last 5 years and moved west because of my love for it. im a decent rider, better than a lot, but certainly there are many better than me. i can get down mogul runs, but its not pretty. tree runs, on and off map arent too much of a problem, aka i can make it down. it just seems like skiers look smoother. also when conditions arent great, skis seem to be the way to go. the definite thing is traverses. especially here, to get to some good runs requires some traversing. on a snowboard this is a real pain. my boots are up for a replacement and instead of dropping serious cash on a pair of new boots, im thinking about buying a pair of ski boots and maybe demoing some skis next year or buying a used set. anyone with similar experiences? i dont spend a second in the terrain park, and the more i find myself in off piste situations, steeps and chutes, i feel like i might want to go back to skis. any input?

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    I ski most of my life, snowboarding I tried and was fun but my lazy but didn't want to learn a new sport.

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    The 10th Mountain Division doesn't ride snowboards.

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    I started skiing around 4 years old and stuck with it till I was about 13, then switched to snowboarding. I've been on a board now for about 12-13 seasons and now feel like I'd like to get back on some skis. I have demoed some tele skis a handful of times this year and had a blast. The first few runs were pretty awkward but by the end of the day I felt pretty comfortable. The days following I had so much fun that I've decided to invest in telemark gear for next year instead of a new snowboard. Tomorrow I am going down to AMR in Breckenridge to pick up my new setup....182 Fat-ypus L Toro's with the Rockefeller NTN binding setup and the Scarpa Terminator X Pro boots. All the gear is 2011-12 models but have been demoed this season so I am getting for a great price. I have no intention of giving up snowboarding (nothing beats a board in the powder) but would just prefer to be proficient at both.

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    I started skiing and snowboarding the same year, 1983-84. The skier in me developed first. My parents were subsidizing my skiing and mountains for snowboarders were harder to find back then. But I did buy my first Burton Performer that season with the first paycheck from my first hourly job and used it at Temple and a sledding hill in Hollis NH. In college I bought my first Board with metal edges and used it at Pats Peak and when I transfered to a Colorado school at Loveland. I finally got good at boarding when I left school and got a job at Loon. I used my board exclusively back then and in my fifth year I joined Ski Patrol where I really improved my control and of course learned to drive toboggans in all terrain. During my four years patrolling I first tried telemark skiing and after leaving patrol I became a full time free-heeler but I still keep my snowboarding gear reasonably up to date and I try to get out especially on hero days.

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    Variety is the spice of life. You don't each chicken for dinner every night, so why would anybody want to just ski or snowboard?. Tele skis are a blast, especially when you really get the feel for the turns. So yeah, can't recommend them enough. Another benefit of mixing it up is you use different muscles, makes it easier to survive extra long ski trips.

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    I've been skiing my whole life, since I was around 3 or 4.

    I have tried snowboarding three times, back in 2001? right around there. At Killington, I had some perfect turn lessons and did a couple sessions (with my dad and sister)

    I had a lot of fun snowboarding, but in the end I liked skiing better. I also kind of figured that I could either excel at one sport or be mediocre in two. So I concentrated on skiing.

    That said, I would really like to try tele at some point.
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    Grew up in NE skiing exclusively, family trips and Mass ski club.
    Got a one night a week Season's pass at WaWa with some mixed ability friends while in college around '95 and decided it was too boring to ski. Picked up a board in the shop at the base lodge and didn't look back for many years. Moved to Tahoe and barely skied at all in 5 years there, really fell in love with boarding powder and semi-steep terrain.

    Now back in NE I split it pretty much 50/50 last few years. Skis for ice and bumps / board for the soft snow pretty much.

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    theres more than i thought. i actually had thought about getting some AT gear, as i was doing some backcountry stuff and AT and skins would be lighter than snow shoes with a board on my back. decisions. im glad someone else said they use skis for ice and bumps and board for soft days. i thought it seemed better to attack bad days and bumps with skis also. i think im going to get a pair of alpine boots first, not great ones but ones that fit well. then demo some stuff and see where im at

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    I've tried boarding twice. The first time was with bindings designed for ski boots. I almost bought a board instead of skis when I got back into sliding on snow. I do have one of my son's old Burton boards. I thought of getting some boots and playing around with it. I have a bad shoulder, I don't think I'd try it unless I get my shoulder repaired so that it can withstand impact, it can't now. I know you fall / get slammed a lot initally. It must be sublime in powder. I'd like to have some AT gear. I don't know how much I'd use it. There are some fun looking cuts that have been made for gas piplines in the local hills. I don't know if you'd risk arrest skiing them. I've seen boarder tracks on some, back when it used to snow!

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