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    Key ring on belt loop for my season pass. But never have to show it as all the lifties know me(except on race night when I am in my GS suit with no pass after the run(pass is on the pants at top of run.)

    At other resorts I use a key ring on a pant zipper for easy access, or a rfid around my neck.

    I use to always do the arm band just above the knee. Never had to worry about it sliding.
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    Surprized that nobody has what I use.I took an armband and modified it.Cut off the strap and threaded my goggle strap through it.Its always right there for the lifty to see w/o pulling it out.I've also had it on a small removable beaner type barrel closure on my sleeve pocket.I only zip it far enough to slide the pass inside to make it real easy to pull out.

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    lanyard attached to pant belt loop and tucked into pocket

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    In my ski pants pocket.

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