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    Quote Originally Posted by ctenidae View Post
    Unfortunately, I think Jeff is following this conversation...

    I do think the political will to fight legalization is very thin, which is good. The bellweather event will be the DEA removing pot from Schedule 1- which almost happened in the last round, and could happen the next time it's petitioned. That will open the banking system, which will ease tax collection, and will make it even harder for any federal prosecutors to do anything. Which is good.

    What would "normalized" prices for weed be in Mass? I recall prices in the $50/quarter range when I lived in NC (in the 90's, granted). No idea what pricing looks like nowadays, or what impact legalization has- seems taxes could hold the retail price at whatever the illegal price is without impacting demand much.
    It’s a catch 22, while legalization drives the price down as competition increases, the ability to engineer new strains and designer buds can drive the price up, in NY you can get an ounce of good shit for anywhere from $180 from east coast grown $300 for something brought in from out west. The average will likely remain the same but there’s a wider range of prices.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bdfreetuna View Post
    Jeff Sessions might not like weed but he's doing absolutely nothing to stop states from legalizing and implementing their own agendas.

    Trump has directed that cannabis not be a priority, and states rights / Federalism takes precedent over Jeff's feels.

    I think we're beyond the point of any political group seeing the benefit of being hardcore anti-cannabis. Our biggest obstacle right now is the state governments in these liberal states who want to squeeze as much tax money as possible and regulate it in absurd ways (in Mass they are saying edibles will have to be in maximum of 10mg doses... I could eat 20 of those and chill).'s that working out?

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    sad goverement needs to get out of the way already.

    Use of legalized marijuana threatened as Sessions rescinds Obama-era directive that eased federal enforcementAttorney General Jeff Sessions on Thursday made it easier for U.S. prosecutorsto enforce federal marijuana laws in states that had legalized the substance — drawing swift criticism from jurisdictions that have approved pot use and stirring confusion among entrepreneurs in the burgeoning billion-dollar industry.
    Whether Sessions’s Justice Department actually busts dispensaries or others involved in state-approved pot production remains to be seen, but his decision to undo previous guidance and possibly put a federal crackdown on the table riled business people, legislators and civil liberties advocates across the country.

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    NH shows a glimmer of hope.

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    Legal in VT now

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