Streaming Red Sox Radio?


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    Streaming Red Sox Radio?

    Anyone know a site streaming Red Sox radio other than Or has MLB completely taken over the market now?
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    This is the WEEI streaming site"

    But the main page of WEEI says MLB prevents internet streaming of I am not sure it would work for Red Sox. I didn't want to download the app. Guess there's still a need for a real radio.

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    I'd be interested in the same if possible...since I am in SLC.
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    having looked into this in the past to listen to NY games i'm pretty sure MLB has a lock on the legal streaming market for ballgames.
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    Ya i pulled up a website for hockey live streaming cost 15 dollars but i don't know about baseball

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    I know MLB TV is a rip. Looked into it since I canceled my cable. It gives you access to every game but the local games. Cable companies make sure the local broadcasts are blacked out of internet streams, even when paid for.

    I do have radio at home, but I'd really love to stream day games from the cube.

    Guess piracy is the only option.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scotty View Post
    Ya i pulled up a website for hockey live streaming cost 15 dollars but i don't know about baseball
    Same is true for NHL - subscribing to the games is blacked out for local broadcast. Thanks, major cable networks!
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