Spring War is ON


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    Spring War is ON

    While Sunday River is partying hard including free on Sunday, as mentioned earlier...as is Sugarloaf.

    Now Jay is re-opening their Tram and offering top elevations skiing!

    Nice to see a return of Spring competition

    To bad Sugarbush is not in the mix. It has the best summit skiing option at Mt. Ellen.

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    I was going to be surprised, given the clear/blue bird forecast for tomorrow, if Jay didn't open the Tram.
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    Sugarloaf probably wont last beyond next weekends opening. I am not 100% on this but thats my guess. My bet is on Vt based on last weeks dump. If Sugarloaf did get that much snow they'd stay open until May for sure. I hope that someone in Vt steps up and gives us some May turns. I want my 8 months of New England riding.

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