Hiking Monadnock tomorrow


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    Hiking Monadnock tomorrow

    Taking the little lady along for the climb, hopefully she enjoys herself and will be willing to join me on my quest for more 4KFt'ers this year!

    Should be a great spring day for a hike - low 70s base temp will make for a warm ascent, but the bare rock of Monadnock is typically about 20 deg. lower with wind and all. Time to zip off the pant legs...
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    Have fun and take some pics!

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    I think Monadnock is the 2nd most hiked mountain in the world, behind Mt Fuji. Beautiful area, beautiful mountain., Yankee Magazine is in Dublin, at the base on Rt 101. It seems you can see Monadnock for miles from pretty much any direction. Hope ya had a great day..

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