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    You should carpool with Cornhead. He drives from upstate NY. He's a maniac!
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    one more interested in the utah summit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick View Post
    You should carpool with Cornhead. He drives from upstate NY. He's a maniac!
    He drive s a lot but that is awesome amount fun times, i drove like that many years ago, just saying the bush or most of north Vt is doable for majority of people on here, and for slc short stay long stay i stay their lol. Ya. Its snowing now at alta and snowbird i heart.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thetrailboss View Post
    I have fired up the Scotty Translator 200SVW in order to help you, Waloaf. He really is saying:

    hahaha, I need to get one of those....

    Utah Summit would be a blast, for those traveling from the east what dates would be best?The earlier some dates get thrown out there the better the chances of getting a group together.

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    I might start a separate thread to discuss a Utah summit.

    And in the interest of full disclosure, which Nick can delete if I am saying something I shouldn't, there's been some comments about Sugarloaf as the site and why that is. Folks should know that Sugarloaf actually approached Greg and AZ now almost three years ago with the idea. We were blown away by their offer and their genorosity for sponsoring, planning, and hosting us. Those who have been have met the two gentlemen from Sugarloaf marketing that make this happen. Every year it has grown and hopefully they will have us back. So, in sum, Sugarloaf is the big reason why it is there and IMHO we're pretty damn lucky to have them as our gracious hosts. I had a great time in 2010.

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    Ethan and Brad have been great each year for certain. In addition to the terrain at Sugarloaf, it sure is nice to park your car for the weekend and forget about it until you leave. There's not a lot of areas in the east that offer that experience with such convenient slopeside lodging.

    As for the dates, it's a crap shoot whenever they are. Even though we've struck out three years in a row, I think the chances are greater to experience a corn harvest going late March / early April than it is scoring a powder weekend late February. It seems like each season we've missed epic spring conditions by a week.

    Only thing I wouldn't mind seeing regarding the dates is if the Summit was scheduled on a Bud Light Concert series weekend again. I love catching a good band in the King Pine room.

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    Oootah would be great for late March/early April.....but after having gotten tied up the last 3 consecutive times...if there's good snow anywhere...I'll be more ready this next season.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick View Post
    I talked about doing it earlier next year (maybe late Feb?). I think rates would be similar, although not if we did like February break or something.

    Sugarloaf does do an awesome job. It is a hike, but that's why it's a three day event. I didn't go to the first year's but I went last year and this year and it's been awesome both times. Not that I"m against switching it up but the deal is normally so good. I mean, come on, free booze?

    Leave it alone. that's the perfect weekend. The odds will catch up with us................................................ ..

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    Quote Originally Posted by thetrailboss View Post
    I'm going to throw this out there. Would anyone be interested in planning an AZ Utah Weekend/Trip for Alta and Snowbird? I might be able to help organize things.
    I'd go, except I'd much rather go to Brighton or Solitude than Alta.

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