Mavic Huez Shoe - Men's

Despite recent attempts by other manufacturers, the title of lightest production road shoes still hangs on the Mavic Huez Shoes. Starting with their Zxellium platform, Mavic went minimal to create the Huez. Even without a scale, you can see these shoes aim for lightness with the airiness of the mesh employed in the uppers. They tip the scales at 195g per shoe, or less than 390g per pair.

The Huez boasts the same last, Ergo Lite upper, Ergo Lite toe cap, Energy Straps, and Energy Lock carbon heel of the Zxellium, but it goes in a few separate directions to lose a bunch of weight. One is the thinner mesh. But more important is the thinner Energy Full Carbon SL outsole. It may look the same from afar, but the sole is 1.5mm thinner, saving weight while keeping stiffness constant. The thinner sole makes pedaling more efficient, and it has titanium cleat inserts and smaller toe and heel pads on the outside for even more weight savings.

The bigger difference in terms of feel between the Zxellium and the Huez is how the foot is held into place. While the carbon heel is still present, the Energy Lock frame has been sacrificed in the name of lightness. So too has the Ergo Lite ratchet, in favor of a third Velcro strap per foot. The result are shoes that might not be quite as rock solid on the upstroke, but are lighter all around.

Inside you'll find the Ergo Fit SL insole. Yes, lighter than the 3D version. It has three densities of padding, along with a nice heel cup and metatarsal pad. The insole is covered in an anti-bacterial material that resists stink. The tongue has been lightened and is known as the Clima Vent Tongue SL. It has less padding, just the minimum necessary, and more mesh. Actually, the padding in the heel, tongue, and insole are called Auto Fit because they'll mold to your foot without the need for heating and posting.

The Mavic Huez Shoes are available in white and Yellow and come in half and whole sizes from 8 to 12.5 mens. They come with "recommended length" screws for the threaded inserts in the outsole; so thin is the sole, they've provided shorter screws. A mesh carrying bag is also included.

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