Steepest trails skied?


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    Steepest trails skied?

    Just interested in how steep a trail you folks can ski. Try to give real perspective in what you can ski and have fun doing verses what you just barely lived thru. In my case:

    I've skiied everything at the Sugarloaf and Sunday River, Waterville Valley, Shawnee, Gunstock, Ragged, Saddleback and Killington. But at Canon, I've skied everything except the lift line under the tram. That just intimidated the daylights out of me last time I was there.

    Caveat: I have not skied many tree runs. Those are fun, but right now, I need shallower and thinner woods. But as far as traditional ski trails, that's about where I am. And to be sure, there are some days I won't try some of those trails. If it's all icy or boilerplate, not so much fun. Sometimes though, I'll challenge myself when I'm in a groove, just to push myself better and be ready for when I unexpectedly end up on a trail that's more than I expected.

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    The steepest stuff I have skied is the expert terrain off of the Pallavinchi Chair at A-Basin. It is steper than anything I have skied in the east. I have skied it in 9 inches of powder, when it was cut up the day after a storm, and when it was a lot of "western" moguls. It is challenging and there are all kinds of lines to take including super steep trees in the alley's to more open "bowl" type skiing.

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    Probably the Alta Chutes at Jackson Hole or some of the other chutes and trails we skiied from 2/29 - 3/3 this year.

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    White Heat

    Steepest, Widest, Mogul trail in the East.


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    I kinda remember Punch Bowl at Alta being rather steep & mogully. Is that a word, mogully?
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    Quote Originally Posted by deadheadskier View Post
    White Heat

    Steepest, Widest, Mogul trail in the East.

    *Longest, steepest, widest.

    Can't forget the longest part. White Heat needs all three in conjunction to make any claim!

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    I do not get out of Maine much and steeps are not my favorite thing. But that said, White Nitro below the Spillway Crosscut is the steepest I have skied and that is at my limit. White Heat and Gondi do not seem as steep to me.

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    Tuckerman's although I can't recall where in Tux I actually skied.
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    in bounds, out of bounds or earned?

    Need clarification.
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    I think that Hurricane at Pats Peak and Middle Ptarmigan at Attitash are about the two steepest trails I've been on. True Grit at Waterville seemed pretty steep but it was so wide that it wasn't a big deal to go down.

    There was a groomed black at PCMR (Silver King) that also seemed pretty steep to me but I have not been able to figure out whether it was any steeper than trails I've been on in the east.

    Pitch can definitely increase the pucker factor but I've found that other factors have more influence on how hard a trail is.

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