Burlington/Nassahegon 05.18.2012


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    Burlington/Nassahegon 05.18.2012

    Great ride tonight with the Black Sheep Squadron! Rolled almost 10 miles in just under 2 hours with a boat load of climbing. Trail surface was super tacky and allowed for some incredibly high speed cornering!

    Rode the following:

    Plateau>Dip>Connector>Jekyll and Hyde>Easy Out>Plateau>B-52>Ursus Reversus>Bridges>Boneyard Extension>NW Passage>Dirt Jumps>Jail Bait>Wasteland>Wasteland Bypass>Skunk Hole*>Kitchen Bypass>2 Bears>High Road>Fat Kid Climb>Miller Road>High Life>Miller Time

    *Skunk Hole is a new one with loads of rocks to play on!
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    Sounds like one hell of a roll! Skunk hole sounds interesting...

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    Quote Originally Posted by bvibert View Post
    Sounds like one hell of a roll! Skunk hole sounds interesting...
    Yea it does....Gonna be up there this morning exploring a bit....10 in 2 is some sick peddaling!


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