Phish Summer Tour 2012


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    Phish Summer Tour 2012

    Caught the first two shows of the summer tour in Worcester this past Thurs/Fri and WOW it was good! I've seen 40+ shows most of which were back in the day and the last show I'd seen prior to these was over 8 years ago but was really impressed! The band was tight, jamming together and not trying to out do each other with the solos. The sound quality and light show was outstanding as usual.

    The set lists were different but mixed a nice flowing blend of old standards with some newer material. Loved the Torn and Frayed, Beauty of a Broken Heart and Roses are Free and of course the Boogie on Reggae Woman, Ghost, Maze, Etc. really too many to list, everything was well done. Good enough that even after a long hiatus I'm already considering attending another show on the summer tour!

    Here's some pictures........

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    Very nice...
    Was pretty floored by "Shafty" last night on the Bonnaroo broadcast.. Never heard that live before..

    I'll be at AC - Jones and SPAC... Stoked...

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    I remember when they used to play small places in North Carolina. If the concerts now are anything like then, they don't need fog machines to create the smoke effects...
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    Atlantic City was the BOMB!!!
    I seriously hope they play there again...

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