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    I have taken 86 all the way to Jamestown. Very nice road with a Casino and plenty of hotels. It also goes through some high areas of the Allegheny Plateau.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darent View Post
    where in ohio I 90 is good if you are heading for northern ohio. I grew up in southern ohio and I take I 80 across PA . my starting point is cape cod.I 86 wanders. I bet I 87 to I 84 to port jarvis,209 to I 80 would be better. I don't like I 90, to much construction, tolls and is no faster from where i start. also if you are in a car you can cut down the Taconic PKWY to I 84 when you cut through vermont
    I'd forgotten about I-90 construction - glad I'm not going that way. Seems like it was ramping up on last years trip. There's alway's a southerly jog we need to make to get to southern Ohio but we've found Rte 71 to be an excellent road with very little traffic with an easy beltway around Columbus. If I can avoid NY and PA I will. (Am I the only one to find some of the PA truck stops dismal?) When we lived in CT we'd take 81 to 68 to 79 and I never cared for it.

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