Hitchhiker shot while researching 'Kindness of America'


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    Hitchhiker shot while researching 'Kindness of America'

    Sticks out thumb, catches lead
    By Joe FayGet more from this author
    Posted in Bootnotes, 12th June 2012 15:27 GMT

    A hitchhiker researching a book on "The Kindness of America" is currently recovering in hospital after a gun-toting truck driver gave him a small donation of some searing hot lead.
    Ray Dolin, was hitching on Highway 2 in Montana on Saturday as part of a project to produce a memoir on the great things about the open road in the big country.

    Dolin was sitting on his backpack, just west of of the town of Glasgow early Saturday evening when a pickup truck slowed down.

    However, rather than extending the offer of a ride, the driver extended a gun out of the window and shot Dolin in the arm.
    The pickup truck then headed west, leaving Dolin to use his other arm to flag down a passing driver, who then notified the authorities.

    A nurse at the hospital where Dolin is recovering told the AP he was not taking calls yesterday, suggesting he's had his fill of kindness right now.
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    Very ironic.
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    Looks like he's just a masochistic attention whore. Maybe we'll hear of him jacking it on the streets of San Diego soon.

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