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    Age Test

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    Im not old, and dont really know how, but I know people used to make antennas out of aluminum foil for their antenna tv's
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    I faile the age test.

    And intend to continue doing so.
    "The trouble with internet quotations is that they're often impossible to verify."

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    I'm old enough to remember when HBO was the only premium channel on cable. They used to broadcast the signal between channels. My brother had a friend who would take apart the TV and spread the coils in the tuner, instant HBO. It did not last long. I think it also went to the Supreme Court on whether HBO could scramble their satellite signal, they could. I'm all for anyone who is able to unscramble satellite signals illegally. They are essentially trespassing on your property with their microwaves beamed from space, if you are able to turn this into a TV signal, why not? It's not like you're splicing into a cable.

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    I guess the real test is if you know why therre are 2 dials on the TV.
    Or recognize that those are dials, and not som iPod-insired control.

    "The trouble with internet quotations is that they're often impossible to verify."

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