3 days in the Whites.


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    3 days in the Whites.

    After a too long drive due to Hartford being closed we finally got up to Twin Mountain. First days hike was Arethusa falls and Frankenstein cliffs, though we did the cliffs first (opposite of the guide book but more sensible topo wise imo.) My old knees enjoyed actually running down from the falls, it was 2 steps and a slight jump, fun rhythm and good for the sensory reflexes. Second day was Mt. Adams via Airline trail. Decent weather though we waited out a squall at about 5000'. 3 hours going up, 7.5 total time. My son Aaron smoked me going down, total time descending for me was a bit longer than ascending. Pix here

    Third day was raining cats and dogs, so we hiked the 9.6 miles Thoreau falls trail from Zealand Rd., adding a little on with some side trips to other aquaeous features. Forgot the camera, beautiful woods,streams,falls and ponds on this hike with altitude about 2500', keeping things safe on stormy days.

    4 th day we hiked 10 miles in Boston/South Boston, ending up doing attainment exercises at the Janes Addiction concert...after dealing with Adams, even curbs were getting difficult to descend, and I was real glad for the prodigious supply of elevators
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    Nice pics Matt......

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    Thanks Steve. 689 views and one response........figuring 688 people are just jealous

    It was sweet and I'm missing it bad.

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