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    Question Indoor Ski Rack

    Just put up a new wall in my basement and I want to build a nice sturdy ski rack for 8 pairs of ski and poles and maybe an area to store ski boots underneath. While not an exceptional carpenter I can read and would love to try my hand at constructing one if I could find a good set of plans. Anybody know of any I could get my hands on. Thanx in advance.


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    I don't have plans, but here's pics of one I built:





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    I haven't installed them yet, but I have two of the Talic wall mounts. Each holds a pair of skis and poles and mounts to a wall. Still need to figure out where to mount them. Of course, that is more expensive but also less time and frustration than building your own.
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    Steve, get what you're saying but personally I get a bit of satisfaction out of doing it myself plus you have the flexibility to build to your needs.

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    I built my own, but haven't hung it up yet. It was pretty easy. It holds 3 sets of skis. I used a 4' 2x4 and 2 different dowels - can't recall the sizes, but call it 5/8" and 1/4". The 5/8" dowels are for the skis. How much you leave sticking out of the 2x4 depend on how fat your skis are. I think I left about 5".

    You'd have to adjust the measurements based on your 2x4, but I drilled pairs of holes about a foot apart, and maybe 1/2" between the pairs. Centered between the pairs and slightly below, one more holes for the 1/4" dowels (for the poles).

    It ends up looking similar to this:

    Don't need much in the way of tools - a drill with 2 different bits for the dowel holes, a chop saw to cut the dowels, glue and sandpaper.

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