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    Quote Originally Posted by billski View Post
    I shouldn’t do this, but since I’m an IDIOT1, a bragger and a child...

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    And by the way. I'll see you at the bottom. Meh, maybe not so much.
    Bill, give the guy a pass on this one.

    Catastrophe leads to understandable stress and you have no idea what Rev's personal situation is or how it may have affected loved ones. I can tell you that things really suck for alot of folks in the devastation zones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bene288 View Post
    People are homeless and freezing every winter, natural disaster or not. I doubt you express much concern for them when it's puking snow and you're on the way to your favorite ski area. It's not like everyone here is hoping that NJ and LI get buried.
    I got stuck on the road for 3 1/2 hr on my normally 30 minute commute (don't know where the plows were, no police either). Hungry, need to pee, etc. Totally exhausted after a "normal" day of work.

    I now can feel where the anger comes from. It's one thing to enjoy the snow when it does fall, and wish it will fall when there's a drought. But to wish more snow in early November (which simply melts away in a couple days anyway) when so MANY who had been devastated last week will suffer more from it, does grate on some nerves.

    At least I eventually came home to a warm house with lights on. I can feel for those (some of them are my co-workers) who did the same harrowing commute only to reach a dark, cold house that's their home, for over a week now without power!

    It's one thing to know, conceptually, there always are homeless people freezing in the winter. We can block it out or rationalize as we can't do much to help (or already did our share to help anyway). It's something else when you know personally so many of those freezing people. Because it could have easily been you and me!

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    In Middletown NY only 3 inches, in Jersey probably about 7 inches, maybe Mountain Creek will open soon with help from this storm.

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    Almost a foot at our house. So much for the 1" on grassy surfaces.

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