Sunday River 2012-11-15


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    Sunday River 2012-11-15

    Well.... things didn't work out as I had hoped. I just hopped in the car and made the ride up and saw snow guns going everywhere there was snow on the mountain. Topping off or building up??? Hoo boy....

    Anyways, I get on the Locke triple when it opens and head up, guns are a blazing. You gotta love their commitment to snow making. Anyways, T-2 is looking real good, they ran a groomer over it, and it was sweet! Below that, it's all snow guns and differing conditions. Some of the snow was downright wet, reminding me of Scuba diving Sunday, while others weren't quite so wet. But I was continuously cleaning the slush off my goggles. Some snow was so sticky I slowed down on the downhill.

    Not so much fun, only did the one run. But it's my fault for going up there without looking at the website. They announce, quite proudly, that they are blasting snow. And they are!!! Kudos to them. I'll be watching their website just a bit more closely from here on out.
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    Beats workin'!

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    I was there! Didn't get on mt til 930-10, and missed guns. Def variability of conditions, but I had a blast. Pays to sleep in!

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    I always thought the early bird gets the worm. I did do a little tweak to my knee, under a gun in limited visibility, so it was a real easy decision to ski another day. I am fine now, looking forward to what the River has to offer today. There website hasn't updated this morning yet. But I'll be checking.
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