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    I wouldn't think King Pine would be a place where you'd be at high risk, but I would be wrong.
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    Re: Equipment Theft

    Quote Originally Posted by Cornhead View Post
    I think this is enough to deter thieves. Why bother messing with a locked pair when there are unlocked skis everywhere? I had a similar Kryptonite lock that gave up the ghost after years of use. I now have a heftier cable lock. I use it in the off season as a bicycle lock. I don't think I'd trust it overnight, but for quick errands, it does the job. I've had one pair of skis stolen, Greek Peak, I left them unlocked in the rack in front of the lift. I had planned on a quick stop, but lingered at the bar. When I returned, the skis and poles were gone. I think it pissed me off more that they took the poles. The poles were Kerma graphite, nice poles. The skis weren't so hot, K2 Axis, I bought them cheap off a buddy of mine. The thieves didn't have very good taste in ski equipment. I blame myself for leaving them so long unattended, on a Holiday weekend.

    Scotty, I have a hard time imagining getting your gear stolen at Plattekill, but you never know. Platty is probably the last place thieves would think of going to steal gear. Works for skiers too, not many consider Platty as a destination. That said, I've locked my skis there too.
    True but I usually just keep my skis on the upper snowy bank and watch them from the window of the lodge.

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    I've had two pairs of ski stolen - both in Connecticut. First pair were real cheap Head skis from Mt Southington - can't even remember the model - so I didn't care. My parents insurance paid for the skis and so I got Head Competitions with Solomon 555 bindings which is what I wanted in the first place. I loved those skis! The bindings were awful but looked real cool. Those were stolen from Powder Ridge when I leaned them against the building to get a hot chocolate. I came right back out with my drink and the ski were gone! I had no insurance and had to scrape to by skis to finish the season. Luckily I got a good discount on some K2 710's on them as an employee. (Some how pro form didn't work out.) Anyway - I've locked my skis ever since no matter where I go.

    My Dad had a cool "lock". It was just a chrome chain with a navy clip. He skied with it around his waist and wrapped them around his skis when in the lodge. He never had a problem.

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    Ever since I had a pair of rentals lifted at PCMR (thought they were far enough away from the entrance so I didn't bother over lunch) and had to pay $650 for them, I lock my skis all the time even though they aren't worth all that much. Do wonder sometimes if people look funny at me when I lock them at Pats during race nights but it doesn't matter. Just use a cheap cable lock, figure it keeps the grab and go types away.

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    I had a pair stolen at Gunstock a LONG time ago. Just by chance I spotted the guy carrying two pairs over his shoulders and thought one pair looked suspiciously like mine. He dropped both pairs in a pickup that already had two pairs in the back and went back to the racks for a couple more for his collection. I told my buddy that the guy was stealing my skis and we both ran from the lodge to retrieve them. By the time we were out of the lodge he had the second set in the back and was trying to drive off. The driver slowed in parking traffic and both myself and my buddy jumped into the back of the pickup and started beating the roof of the cab till he slowed and the traffic police took notice. I spoke to the officer and got my skis back. The officer said he gave some story about picking up race skis for a team but I doubt that flew as his collection was obviously not race skis. I was young and dumb and now am older and wiser and realize the story could have gone a lot differently. Splitting skis and hanging poles over a tip is a lot safer.
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    I just wear my skis into the lodge.

    This thread is making me paranoid. Think I might try splitting them up in the racks from now on..
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    I split my skis by throwing one of them on the roof of the lodge and burying the other in a snow bank. Works every time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bvibert View Post
    I split my skis by throwing one of them on the roof of the lodge and burying the other in a snow bank. Works every time.
    Sure it does...until you actually want to ski.

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    Lock all pairs but the oldies-- which are also my most versatile and favorite pair-- may need to rethink that. Errrr. Had a brand new pair of goggles stolen right out from under me in the lodge once...put em on a table and walked two tables away to let someone know where we were sitting-- when I came back like 10 second later-- they were gone-- good idea who took em too--guy who was lingering over his boot bag. When I told my kids my goggles were missing they said some guy (the guy lingering over his boot bag) just beelined out of the lodge. .ran out but couldn't locate the guy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bdfreetuna View Post
    I just wear my skis into the lodge.
    This reminded me of a video I saw last year, I think it was at Telluride, guy skis right into a mid mountain bar, right up to the bar, and has a shot. I tried to find it, but I couldn't, It was pretty cool. Some of the better GoPro footage I have seen.

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