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    Snowboard tune

    my buddy asked me to tune his snowboard, but since i've only done skis and know the bevel angles for each ski in the family's quiver...wondering what you boarders out there set your angles at....he's a good boarder (age 45) not hitting the park or pipe, mostly the groomed with his kids

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    no one here has ever tuned a snowboard?

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    Re: Snowboard tune

    Usually they are 1 side and 1 base.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SKIQUATTRO View Post
    no one here has ever tuned a snowboard?
    I have, but it was last winter and I can't remember what angles I used. I think it was 1* base and 2* side but I'm not sure. Somewhere in my tuning kit is some packaging that has notes scribbled on it that likely came from Tognar.

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