Recent Storm Accumulation Totals


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    Recent Storm Accumulation Totals

    So a quick search for a thread discussing storm accumulation totals yielded nothing. Being stuck here in the flatlands is painful enough. Knowing it is snowing where it counts is some solace. I'm thinking a thread discussing storm totals would be convenient when trying to decide where to go. So if you would like to participate post your totals here. As of now, out my front door all the precipitation has been in liquid form, but there was something like 2 inches of it...

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    It looks like southern VT did well.
    Mount Snow reports a total of 19"- 21" from Wednesday night 12/25-Friday morning 12/27.
    Magic Mountain reports 16"-18"

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    Quote Originally Posted by twinplanx View Post
    Thread title should be: Recent Storm Accumulation Totals.

    Magic easily got 16 - 18", based on my experience there yesterday.
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    Gore reported 15" I think, felt like way more in the woods. I was easily knee deep in the most spots in the trees.

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    Sugarbush total 24 inches on top of a good base from last few weeks of snowfall

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    Awesome, thanx for your participation guys. I think I will try to hold off for a week before making my inaugural trip north. Ya know, try to avoid the holiday crowds and pricing...
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    Looks like the MRV was the winner.


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    Right now in Syracuse we are up to 26 inches (officially) for the month of December. Right now we have at least two some places three or more feet in higher elevations. My local hill has a good 24 inch base and we are getting more snow tomorrow night and into Sunday. Forecast also looks like more lake effect (we get a ton of that) continuing thru next week and temps dropping to the teens (which we have no problem with here)

    But our Winter started two days before xmas (btw hope everyone is enjoying whats left of this holiday week) and it looks like now the pattern is locked in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steamboat1 View Post
    Looks like the MRV was the winner.

    That's what I'm talking about!!

    Keep 'em comin' boys, looks like more snow through tonight will refresh those surfaces. Happy Happy, Joy Joy
    Life's to short for warm-up runs
    All skis are rock skis

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    Hunter got about a foot..and blew at leat another 6 by now..
    Lets go!
    I'll drive.

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