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    Quote Originally Posted by Bene288 View Post
    I'm thinking of heading out tomorrow as well. Was going to go today, but the trees at Gore kinda wore me out. Never been to Magic, so I'm not sure what to expect. What am I in for on a holiday weekend?
    This would be my first time at Magic, as well. I expect it to have tight trees, some good steeps, and be bumpy and ungroomed. Never really heard of a crowd at Magic but who knows?

    Hopefully their trees live up to the reputation because I have no intention of skiing actual trails.
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    Re: Magic Mountain - 12/27/2012 Powder Day

    We're here today. Still plenty of pow to run across, and the west side is in good shape considering the lack of coverage prior to the storm.

    The closures yesterday were probably annoying to deal with, but they undoubtedly were done in the best interest of the mountain. What we have today is not nearly as fluffy as what wag probably here yesterday, but will last longer. Good for us and the mountain ad the season goes on.

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    Video should be up in 30 min or so.

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    Just got home. Will post some pics. after dinner and a Hot Tub. Some things to note for tomorrow.
    Get there early. Was a mad house for tickets. Longgggg line as I walked out the lodge at 8:30.
    Lift lines were longgggg after 10:30. I skied alone today and the singles line flew. I don't know what the deal is with the Black. It ran Thursday for 1/2 hour, no people on it, (rumor had it was for inspection), but it didn't show any sign of life today. Chairs are still full of snow. Maybe they just weren't prepared for the crowd today? I don't know?
    It is worth the wait cause the skiing is insane.
    Parking Lot B was almost full. Don't know what they are gonna do tomorrow.
    The main reason for the late rope dropping was that half the snow fell during the day Thursday. You could get it if you wanted.
    The kid pulling tickets... a bit overzealous to say the least. He had a big stack!!!!!
    Woods are still full of snow. I couldn't even do them due to stamina and being solo today. Didn't want to pull a Nick! Didn't matter. The West Side trails and totally rocked today. Nothing over there was groomed including Wizard.
    Today Magic skied as good as it can almost. Opened RedLine in the afternoon and it is just sublime. Hit that early!

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    Nice turns Nick! Looks like you nailed a great day at Magic. Wish I could have joined ya.
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    Hmm I don't like hearing about full parking lots and long lift lines on a Friday if I am planning to go tomorrow. Maybe I will use my $100 Killington gift card tomorrow and pick up an Express Card there and ski K woods instead. I have a feeling I better wake up early either way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bdfreetuna View Post
    Hmm I don't like hearing about full parking lots and long lift lines on a Friday if I am planning to go tomorrow. Maybe I will use my $100 Killington gift card tomorrow and pick up an Express Card there and ski K woods instead. I have a feeling I better wake up early either way.
    I'm not sure either. I myself would not brave Kmart on a holiday weekend. I went on a weekend once, and that was hell. I figure I'll leave Albany at 5:00 am, putting me at Magic 20 minutes or so before 7:00. I'd hope I'd be able to find a spot then. Single lines might not be too bad...I could be wrong though. Never been, excited to possibly go none the less.

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    Was there today also. +1 to everything reefer wrote. Although the singles line didn't seem to fly when I was in it.
    (I haven't spent this much portion of a day standing in liftline since the last time I skied MRG )
    Didn't sample the woods myself but everyone I talked to on the chair said they're in great shape.
    I can't believe how busy the place was. Don't think the staff was ready for the volume. Trails are soft bumps but with good coverage.
    Going to bed soon, daytripping again tomorrow <to somewhere> with a friend who couldn't ski today.

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    dude, put your hands thru the pole straps the way God intended it
    shit happens, wear a helmet.

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    Nice video! Was going to go tomorrow, but have to wait until Sunday.

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