Background scaling (or lack of)


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    Background scaling (or lack of)

    Hey Nick... at work I am on a monitor that's got 1900px width or something like that. Not many people have such wide horizontal resolutions but anyway there is grey area to the sides of the Sugarloaf background picture.

    You can change this so the background has a minimum width and then will scale on wider displays. CSS could be something like this:

    img#bg {
    background-position:50% top;

    Adjust your min-height and min-width to be the size of the image. This CSS will cause the background to appear as it fills the screen on any display, without scaling it down or causing distortion.

    Obviously this is not a big deal and I have too much time to kill
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    Re: Background scaling (or lack of)

    I actually have a 2560x1440 monitor at home myself. Will check it out later ... thanks!

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