Monoprice releases Full HD action camera with a price tag of just $100


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    Monoprice releases Full HD action camera with a price tag of just $100


    The ruggedized barrel shaped camera shoots full HD (1920x1080) video at 30 fps with a 120-degree lens and is waterproof to about 10 meters, which includes audio recording under water. Monoprice says it's freeze, shock and dust proof, too. it relies on a two-axis gyro sensor to keep videos level. It even captures 5-megapixel images in one of three modes: single, burst and time lapse. Your other option is to shoot 720p at 30 fps.
    Sample footage from Vimeo (720p)

    Looks pretty decent for the price.
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    Only $100?

    I mean, the margins on those things blow to begin with, I wonder if it's direct from manufacturer only. Either way, this will put a major hurt on GoPro et al.


    Helmet mount is only $13.
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    hopefully this drives down the price on GoPro
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    Who's ordering one to review it? Looks like a March ship date.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gmcunni View Post
    hopefully this drives down the price on GoPro
    My guess is that unless it's total crap, they lack sufficient manufacturing capacity, they have a terrible distribution network, or are horrible marketers......... I dont see how it couldn't punish GoPro's pricing.
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    Of course this is released 20 days after I get my new GoPro

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