Official Results Thread!

Remember, you can enter once per day by clicking HERE. All correct entries get put in the pot for a drawing at the end for the grand prize of Rossignol skis.

Good luck!
Question # Start Date End Date Answer Winner
1. What is Gore’s newest, ultra-comfortable, high-speed lift? 1/16 1/18 Burnt Ridge Quad Ted Reilly
2. The Gore Region is famous for its historic (and modern-day!), delivering skiers from the Albany area and NYC. What year did the first snow train come to North Creek? 1/19 1/21 1934 Brad Fahsel
3. What Gore trail is named after a famous logger? 1/22 1/24 Peter Gay Kevin Kelley
4. What time of night does the tubing park most often close? 1/25 1/27 9:00PM Steven Moores
5. How much is it to ski on “Why Not Wednesdays” when you bring an unopened Coca-Cola product? 1/28 1/30 $42 Adam St. Ours
6. What is the name of Gore Mountain’s beginner terrain park? 1/31 2/2 Jibland Erin Cobb
7. What room is reserved for private parties and corporate gatherings? 2/3 2/5 Topridge
8. Which of Gore Mountain’s four peaks is most recently developed? 2/6 2/8 Little Gore Anastasia
9. What brand of skis does Gore Mountain most often rent? 2/9 2/11 Rossignol Bryan Beneduci
10. Where can you get mid-mountain hot chocolate? 2/12 2/14 Saddle Lodge Gary Cunninghame
11. Which trail opened first, The Rumor or Lies? 2/15 2/17 The Rumor Dave Burton
12. Where does Gore draw its snowmaking water from? 2/18 2/20 Hudson River Ann Sawyer
13. What does Gore name most of its newest ski trails after? 2/21 2/23 The Great Camps of the Adirondacks Thomas Cody
14. What trail did the late 10th Mtn Division hero Bill Charles receive a lifetime season pass for naming? 2/24 2/26 Showcase Heather Scholes
15. What is the official vehicle manufacturer of Gore Mountain? 2/27 3/1 Chevrolet Paul Connelie
16. Which glades are named after the garnet operation once located on the back side of Gore? 3/2 3/4 Mineshaft Glades Amy Quigley
17. What is the name of a Gore Mountain Breakfast Sandwich? 3/5 3/7 Trailblazer Ben Quigley
18. What is Gore Mountain's largest trail in acreage? 3/8 3/10 Twister Adam St. Ours
19. What Gore Mountain trail name definition means “uproar”? 3/11 3/13 Hullabaloo Tyler Henry
20. Question 20: Which of Gore Mountain’s newest trails gets you from Echo to Twister? 3/14 3/16 Crystal Andrea Sotela

Grand Prize Winner: TBD