Anyone Cross Country this year


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    Anyone Cross Country this year

    Has anyone had enough snow. In mid-north Maine it has been a surprisingly good season despite no substantial snow since new year. We have had a handful of few inchers though to keep it fresh. This weeks rain/warm up might be the last hoorah except for untouched backcountry trails.
    That being said I am up to ten outings as of yesterday.
    3 AMC trails near Moosehead Lake
    1 Local State Park
    1 Acadia Nat Park
    3 Local snowmobile trail
    2 untouched logging roads that still are pretty deep

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    Re: Anyone Cross Country this year

    Yeah I have few days out. Despite the fact that the whites have missed most of the decent storms, there has still been enough to slide on. Don't need much! This recent cold had helped by freezing up the stream crossings and other wet areas, making even the thin spots skiable.

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    X-C ability/gear is on the list....
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    The back side of Stratton (VT) skied amazingly well over the weekend (1/26). I've seen much deeper snow in years past, but a firm base from the first January thaw combined with 5 or so inches of powder let you ski practically anywhere. Most of south central VT seems to have had pretty decent conditions, yet a short distance north (Jamaica) was pretty marginal. Course that will all change this week!

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    Hoping to do cross-country sometime this year. But that will depend on work load (sigh).

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    Re: Anyone Cross Country this year

    Going out again in the local woods on my backcountry xc gear after I finish this cup of tea. I was out yesterday and it was awesome!!

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    I cross country ski... on real mountains

    Days on the Snow:

    Pre 2011:~20 per year
    2011-2012: 19
    2012-2013: 34
    2013-2014: 25
    2014-2015: 23
    2015-2015: 17

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    fresh tracks.jpgskis in the snow.jpgPlayed around in the woods near Wachusett Reservoir last weekend. Went out there again yesterday. Breaking trail in ~2' o fresh snow was somewhat punishing.

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    Suspect there are more than a few diehard X-C_ers out early in the morning in Bangor's City Forest... There are specific sides of the paths that are smoothed over(with "Stay Off Ski-Paths" signs) that look used when I get in my every-other-day's walk in.... We keep on getting these sunmelt days, killing depth for off-trail...but it sounds like this weekend is supposed to play out just right.

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    Since when is xc skiing an "other sport" rather than just ... skiing?! This thread belongs to the Skiing forum!

    I've had more days xc than downhill this season so far. When I travel to other area to ski, like to the big mountains of the west, I usually mix in a day or 2 of xc skiing. I love the different points of view on nordic trails.

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