Friday, Feb 8th, Sugarbush


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    Friday, Feb 8th, Sugarbush

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    Re: Friday, Feb 8th, Sugarbush

    Cheaper note is Valentine's day at the Bush $14. Feb...14,.other deals with stay on .hill and dinner for 2.!@ Timbets .

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    Quote Originally Posted by billski View Post
    Kmart is $31 this Friday if you belong to an EICSL club.
    Care to elaborate on this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by billski View Post
    If you belong to a club that is a member of EICSL.ORG, you can ski at Kmart for $31 on Friday. Another reason to join a club.
    I did join a club, but clearly not the right one.

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    Does your club require attendance or any participation at all? All I'm really looking for is a way to get discounted tickets.

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    I've already paid for the other club, so I'm not going to throw good money after bad and pay for another.

    But I am interested switching for next year.

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