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    Sounds icy as f*ck. I can only imagine... I was there before the most recent thaw-freeze and even then it sucked compared to a few weeks before after all the snow.

    Glad you are able to look upon the experience in a positive light.
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    I skied at Killington Saturday too but I had a different experience than the original poster. I am a regular at Killington so I know my way around the mountains. I skied Outer Limits many many times under the guns and Bear Claw/lower Skyburst. I don't mind skiing under the guns so I was always skiing on freshly made snow. Also skied Skylark to lower Bittersweet under the same conditions.

    Sunday was a better day as it was a bit warmer. OL was still good under the guns and I skied it a few times. The surprise was an open Devil Fiddle where I got first tracks. Now that had a bit of fresh snow on top of some scratchy stuff on top but where they had done snowmaking it was pretty smooth skiing. Liked it so much I skied it 3 times. I also did many laps on Cascade which was also under the guns. I enjoyed skiing Escapade too because there was about 2 inches of new snow on it. The left edge of West Glade (North Ridge now) was also an accumulation of fresh snow. Downdraft although skiable did have some slick spots to contend with.

    So I would say that anyone that does not mind skiing under the guns would have had a good time like I did.

    Here are two pictures I took on Sunday. The one with snowmaking is OL and the other one is Devil's Fiddle.

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