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    Quote Originally Posted by Smellytele View Post
    Some NH towns (Manchester for example) had discussion of getting rid of the Feb vacation. It was people who had moved from other states that brought it up. They didn't realize the culture of having the Feb break and how it helped the NH economy. We also have a late April vaca which I would rather get rid than the Feb one. Who wants vaca during black fly and mud season?
    Yeah, the people in CT just like to bitch and moan about the winter and snow. Who the hell would possibly want a vacation in the middle of it???

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    we (in CT) used to get a full week in Feb for winter break, they've cut either to make up missed days or setting an early year end date which then gets extended. now we get a long weekend but even that was shortened this year to just Monday off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gmcunni View Post
    we (in CT) used to get a full week in Feb for winter break, they've cut either to make up missed days or setting an early year end date which then gets extended. now we get a long weekend but even that was shortened this year to just Monday off.
    Considering that more and more in CT these days, it seems like if it might snow at some point that day, or if it's too cold, or too hot, or when the next crazy big storm hits on now almost an annual basis to shut the state down for a week or so that essentially every school is closed in the state, my guess is that more and more February breaks, and likely April breaks too will just turn into a 3 day weekend for Presidents day and a 3 day weekend for Easter so that the school districts can get their state mandated minimum of 180 school days in by June 30th!

    Pretty sure that my 3rd grade daughter has already had more snowdays in her school career than I had growing up in the Albany, NY area for my entire k-12 career!!
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    Some Vermont districts are off this week (I know of Addison County) and some next week (Chittenden, Caledonia). There is another weeks break in April. Not sure of exact dates.
    Quebec is sometime in March.

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    Re: School Vacation Weeks are...

    My aunt is a school teacher in NY, and some of her April vacation time has been taken back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by St. Bear View Post
    ...definitely a New England thing. My wife (NJ) had never heard of it before.
    We used to have Presidents Week off in our town. They had a vote and decided to shorten it because very few people around here have a life in winter. I've been kind of surprised that a pretty affluent town in the NY area has so few people that actually ski or board. Very few of my sons friends in school ski and many of those who do go on the school ski club trips and thats it.


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    So Vt is supposedly next week and at least some of NH is.

    I know 2 groups of people who are going skiing next Monday/Tuesday. One group is going to the Loaf, one to Sugarbush. How much of an effect does the VT vacation week have on Sugarbush crowds? I'd like to go there because I've been to the Loaf many more times and am already booked there for March.

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    Re: School Vacation Weeks are...

    Where we are in PA, there is neither a Pres week nor an Easter week break. They get 2 days before Easter and that's it.

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