TR Sno Mountain 2/24


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    TR Sno Mountain 2/24

    So the wife and I on the way home from Plattekill decided to hit Sno for the morning session with our vouchers. I have never been to Sno but with everyone on the site always talking about conditions and white lightening I knew I had to get there. So we hit the lodge at about 8:30 after the 2 hour drive from Kingston and booted up to get on the snow. I wasn't sure how my wife was going to hold up considering we had skied the whole day at Platty and she was skiing terrain she normally wouldn't but I was amazingly surprised. We started the day hitting every intermediate at the top of the mountain (also unusual for my wife who usually wants to start on greens) and the conditions were really nice. The sno was definitely soft from the heat/rain but there weren't many spots showing through and ice was not to be found the groomers really did a great job. The soft snow really skied well with nice piles forming up. After a couple runs I went to the bottom of the mountain to check out the expert terrain and hit the blacks on the right side of the mountain which had awesome snow that was a lot of fun where you could fly down and hit some hops on the way down. Long haul was running so I met my wife at the top after each run and after a couple I had her convinced to give her first black a try. After some prepping and stopping at the top she went down like it was nothing commenting how much easier it was to ski the steeper terrain. Something i've been telling her forever lol. Really a great progression weekend for the wife after a great day at Platty.

    After this I broke from the wife who stuck to some more blues while I went to check out the rest of the mountain. After great runs down all the trails which had great snow that wasn't piling up yet I decided it was time to see what White lightening was all about. I wasn't quite aware that it would be wall to wall bumps but after getting to the top theres only one way to go so I headed down the soft snow. The bumps skied awesome as the soft snow let you hit them and get great control. Very little ice at all that I could see and it was so much fun. Had I not been on day two of the trip I would of lapped this to work on my bump skiing which I have very little experience. Starting to feel like i'm getting better but I can't seem to tell my head to link the turns/hits through the lines still too much sliding in my opinion but you know what getting the practice in and really enjoying it. After this I went to meet the wife because it was noon and she was shot so we decided to call it a weekend and head home.

    All in all I really like sno for the conditions and some unique terrain. Definitely hope it finds a good owner that adds in the right areas.

    By the end of the day I think the conditions are going to deteriorate quickly but I think that consistent in the area as the temp went from 30 on the mountain at 12 to 47 by the time I got through the tunnel on the TP. Good luck to us all.

    Top of white lightning

    Bottom view ya can't tell the steepness from this shot.

    After the run.

    Wife after her first black

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    nice report, haven't seen one from sno in ng ime. i used to ski there when it was still called montage. WL was always a good time!

    Mohawk 1
    Lakeridge 2
    Catamount 4


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    I hadn't even heard of Sno. I don't think they are in the directory. Found 'em now!
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