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    the8re is now Stephen

    Hey all:

    After a brief discussion with Greg, where I'm now taking on some moderator responsibilities, and where I'm hoping to take on FOT48 again this year, I've requested to change my username from my old moniker of the8re to Stephen.

    Greg felt this was an appropriate change, and made an exception and allowed the username change.

    I also have a new e-mail address,


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    Thanks for coming out from behind the curtain, Stephen.......

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    And you didn't fool me even after the first curtain call!

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    I just want to publicly thank Stephen for all his contributions to AlpineZone lately. In addition to being the primary driving force behind the Flags on the 48 event this year and taking on more forum moderation duties, Stephen has been instrumental in us realizing some recent key improvements, including the ski resort profiles script. He has graciously donated a lot of time to help improve this site and he should be commended for his skills and enthusiasm. Thanks Stephen!
    I ski double black diamonds.

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    I thought your old username was clever. I noticed you changed it soon after another forum member took a shot at it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joshua B
    I thought your old username was clever. I noticed you changed it soon after another forum member took a shot at it.
    Purely coincidental. I had already been considering dropping it specifically based on my role here. You'll notice that I've kept the moniker on the AMC boards and and all my other usual haunts.

    Besides, you think I'd succumb to a pot shot from ASC? Geez, at least give me SOME credit.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Joshua B
    Did you say ASC?
    Oh, did I? I think I meant, Oakley... Yeah, he was the one who posted that message.


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