Oval Concepts 327 Wheelset

With a market that's saturated with glossy carbon wheels, the unassuming alloy clincher still holds a special, yet reserved, place in many cyclists' hearts. This is for good reason, as the reliability of a well-built set of alloy wheels is incomparable. We still see professional cyclists mounting them up for their day-long training rides, as the combination of durability, long-distance comfort, and serviceability is impossible to beat. So, when Oval Concepts set out to build its new 327 Wheelset, its team of engineers worked to develop just that: a highly-versatile, strong, and affordable set of alloy clinchers.
For the rims of the 327s, Oval started with an alloy rim and a sleeved joint. This design incorporates a sleeve that's the same shape as the rim cavity, which makes contact with the entire sidewall of the rim in order to create an exceptionally strong joint. This type of sleeved-joint also keeps wall thickness to a minimum, ensuring that the overall weight of the rim is as light as possible. Surprisingly, though, this was done without sacrificing any durability. The rim itself features a 22mm-wide profile that minimizes rolling-resistance, improves cornering, and provides a more compliant ride in comparison to narrower rim options.
Also contributing to 327s' overall comfort is the spoke design. Oval applied a generous amount of spokes to the wheelset, 20 front and 24 rear, in order to provide stability and dampening across rough road surfaces. And, unlike many sets of wheels at this price level, the 327s use spokes that are stainless steel and bladed. Additionally, the lacing incorporates a 2.5mm profile and brass nipples, further contributing to strength and to a low aerodynamic profile.
Oval finished off the wheelset with its 300-level hubs. These smooth rolling hubs were built with ground and burnished bearing surfaces, meaning that they'll be spinning with minimal maintenance for years to come. The freehub is 9-/10-/11-speed compatible, and the wheels include lightweight nylon snap-on rim strips.
The Oval Concept 327 Wheelset is available in the color Black and as a 700c clincher.

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