Presidential Traverse 7-13-13


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    Presidential Traverse 7-13-13

    I left Appalachia at 447am up Valley Way to Watson. Reached Madison at 648. Star Lake to Adams. Gulfside to Washington with Jefferson and Clay Loops. Washington at 1036am. Crawford Path to Webster Cliffs trail hitting Monroe and Eisenhower Loops and quick spur to say hi to Franklin. Went to Mt Webster and down Webster-Jackson reaching 302 at 357pm
    Kind of warm for Pressies 60 on Washington but only 3mph wind.
    My knees were feeling it by Pierce, I think above treeline I focus on scenery but in trees I notice fatigue.

    I hiked all these peaks before at one time except Clay which is a true beauty, perhaps best in Pressies
    I never went to the "summit" Franklin before. I'm surprised they even bother naming it, it's so insignificant.

    When I thru hiked AT I hiked from just below Webster Cliffs to Osgood tent site but skipped Ike, Monroe, Jeff, and Adams since weather was crap, so this is my first true traverse.

    Normal weekend crowds, especially on Washington and Ike south.

    Full story and LOTS of photos on my blog

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    Nice. I also prefer above treeline hiking to trees.
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    Looks like an amazing hike! Lucky on that weather! I did Washington for the first time earlier this summer and loved it until I got to the top and saw the masses of people. What a let down but still an amazing mountain!

    Thanks for sharing!

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    That's awesome! I did the traverse last summer. I loved the look of amazement from the mount washington drivers, when they realized you hiked up. You should get this bumper sticker now!

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