Moon Shot tonight- supposed to be visible from Maine, even


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    Moon Shot tonight- supposed to be visible from Maine, even NASA's sending a rocket to the moon, from Virginia. Supposedly it'll be visible from South Carolina to Maine. Worth watching for at 11.27 tonight, I think.

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    Looks like it should be a clear night tonight...
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    Sounds like a GREAT excuse to head out to the patio tonight about the time the late local news is ending and pop open a beer and watch the show!
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    Yeah I plan to watch, here is the visibility map.

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    Here is the view from Mt Washington... The non-blue lines are when the rocket is firing its engine and may be visible.[/IMG]
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    The rocketis being shot from the Walops Island Space Center. My family has a place down there on the next island North(Chincoteague Island). I really wish i could be down there to watch the launch. I have been staring across the open water(about a mile) for years at the launch towers and it would be awesome to see it lift off. My mother is down there now and will get to see it, so she better take lots of pics.
    Next week they are launching anothrr rocket that is going to the space station.

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    The firing of the third stage (pink line) looks to occur when the rocket is at an altitude between 60 to 100 miles above the ocean. The flight line is about 460 miles from Mt Washington. I think actually seeing this rocket may be difficult from that distance. Although I did happen to see this (by accident) one night
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    If I'm still up, I'm going to go to the beach and check it out.

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