AZ Giveaway - Headphones and Earbuds from Wicked Audio


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    Thumbs up AZ Giveaway - Headphones and Earbuds from Wicked Audio

    Mid September 2013 Giveaway!

    We actually had a company, Wicked Audio, reach out to us about giving away some headphones on the site. I'm sure most of you guys like music so while it's not exactly 100% ski related, it's still a freebie and they are supposed to be pretty awesome.

    (1) Wicked Audio Reverb Blue / Black Over the Ear Headphones


    (1) Wicked Audio Mojo w/ Phone Mic Earbuds
    How to enter:
    You must reply to this thread to be considered an entrant. You only need to post once; multiple entries will not increase your chances of winning. The number of entries you get is a combination of several criteria:

    • Replying in this thread earns you (1) chance to win
    • For every 500 posts you have, you earn (1) chance to win
    • For every 1 year you have been a member on the forum (at the close of the contest), you earn (1) chance to win

    You have been a member on AlpineZone since 11/1/2007 and have 3200 posts. You have a total of (5) entries for time as a member, (6) entries for post count, and (1) entry for replying in this thread, for a total of 12 entries.

    The contest will run from starting immediately (9/18/2013) and no more entries will be counted after 5:00PM EST on Wednesday, 9/25/2013.

    Other Rules
    Sorry, moderators and admins can't enter.

    We will go through all the entries and draw two winners at random from the pool of tickets within a week of the close of the contest. We will notify the winner in a new thread and notify via PM as well, and then ship it out

    Wait, what can I win exactly?
    Either the Wicked Audio Over the Ear Headphones, or the Wicked Audio Earphones

    Good luck!
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    Whatever hits the fan will not be distributed evenly.

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    Yes, please.
    Leave no turn unstoned!

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    Thanks Nick!

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    I will win!

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    Count me in, please!

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    Sounds awesome.

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    Sure, why not?

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    I'm in.

    Cool idea. Maybe consider more of these types of contests in the future

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