Borestone Mountain 11.4.13 (Monson/Moosehead area, Maine)


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    Borestone Mountain 11.4.13 (Monson/Moosehead area, Maine)

    Borestone Mountain located at the edge of the 100 Mile Wilderness near Monson is a good bang for the buck that I sometimes escape to for a quick outing. With a free afternoon and just a few hours of light I headed there Monday afternoon. With crystal clear skies, I wasn't disappointed.

    At just under 5 miles and about 1100' of vertical gain, Borestone isn't the hardest hike but 360 views make it very rewarding with not too much effort.

    It is a fairly popular local hike not too far from Moosehead Lake area. It is best seen from the AT from Barren Mountain.

    I have a full trip report with quite a few pics at my blog

    A nice little peak to visit if you are in the area

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    A terrific area TC...nice pics.


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