WANTED - Your OLD skis that have been in the garage for years

I'm collecting old skis for a couple of reasons.... I am trying to build a couple of sleds to tow behind snowmobiles with gear to get into my summer place in winter time (they don't plow the road). Conveniently, if I can bring enough gear in there (read: beer), I can spend the weekend a short distance from Sunday River and Shawnee Peak. Reason #2 is that I have always wanted one of those cool Adirondack chairs made out of old skis that you see outside of ski shops. I've built them out of wood before, so why not skis.
I used to have almost 30 years worth of old equipment collecting in my parents garage until one day when my old man couldn't get the lawn mower running and decided to light the place on fire. OK its a longer story than that and he didn't set fire to the house on purpose. He also only did minor damage which was contained to the interior of the garage, but it was enough to spark a major clean-up which in turn left me with only my 3 most current pairs of skis. Old race skis for carving days, a pair of rock skis, and my Nordica Hell and Back's which are pretty much the best skis ever.
So now while I day dream of one of those cool chairs, I have no old ski's to make one from. My old Volants would have made a nice and sturdy chair too.
I'm looking for anyone with old junk equipment that they no longer need or just want out of their storage space to make room for new stuff (go buy yourself a pair of Hell and Backs). I'm not picky about the quality or brand. Really, I think the older the better. Straight skis will make better sleds and will line up better on the chair.
I am willing to pay some small amount for your nostalgia if necessary cause I know I wouldn't want to let those old sticks go. But the cheaper the better, and if its free, its for me.

List Date: 2/12/2014
Location: Boston, MA, United States

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