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    My new skis

    This season I built 4 pair skis. 2 for me and 2 for a friends.

    Last two have similar construction wood core Maple/Basswood with Ironwood sidewall. The only change in construction from first pair addition of carbon fiber

    This skis for the is not for downhill. They are mountaineering/ hunting for hunter friend. He wanted short wide skis to replace snowshoes.
    Dimensions :
    145-125-130 30cm tip rocker flat tail 165cm 1800g each

    My latest pair MR-110 I finished yesterday will be dedicated pow/soft snow skis. Finally I have skis to take out West.
    Construction similar to above.
    140-110-125 185cm R-18m 1950g each. For skis the size they very light. Same construction as a previous pair. Tip and tale rocker. 2mm camber.

    fresh out of the press.... I felt like kid on Christmas morning when opening the cassette

    all cleaned up

    tip rocker

    tail rocker

    If all goes well I'm going to wawa on Monday for the first test run of MR-110

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    Awesome! Just curious what it costs you to build a few sets of skis?

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    All skis are rock skis

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    I want to try those!
    Live, Ski or Die Trying!!!
    "Life is not measured by the numbers of breaths we take, but by the ski runs that take our breath away."

    SKI THE EAST!!!!!!

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    Looks Cool!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Puck it View Post
    I want to try those!
    It can be arranged.
    I'm planning to be at wawa on Monday. While it's probably not the best conditions for them need to try them. M
    Other than that we can do Cannon sometimes midweek, tufer day will work for me and call it "MR custom skis demo day" I forgot who bring vodka ?

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    Sorry for shameless self-promotion .... Here link to a review of my 1st build

    Many thanks to DMW for his help on reworking my logo
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    My pleasure, they look good.

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    Very cool. If you ever decide to sell to public I will be in line

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    Quote Originally Posted by skifree View Post
    Very cool. If you ever decide to sell to public I will be in line
    I'll keep that in mind.

    Do you know what you want?
    Would be good idea if you can try what I got. Not as a demo of production skis but more in a way of part of the process designing skis specifically build for you and for that I need starting point

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    first day on new skis yesterday at wawa. Conditions edgeble frozen groomers average midwinter like today with less of the people at the end of the March.
    As a strange it might sound for the skis that size this is by far my best day on groomers. If to put in numbers from 1 to 10 I would rate them at.........................15. Not because I made them because it is what it is. They are quick and nimble, stable, quiet with zero vibration. For the skis with almost 30 cm rocker in front no wings flapping. What I like the most on my skis compared to factory made is "sweet spot". Well they don't have a spot because all ski is a sweet spot I could drive them leaned forward or in the backseat or even way back in a backseat and still be balanced and in control.
    I wanted to leave about one o'clock instead for two more hours I did " one more run"

    Well I'm the ski maker and my opinion can be considered bias... But until we get "independent review" that's all that I can to say about the skis for now. Need to get way up north to try intended snow conditions

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