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I got out on mine today at Wildcat....funfun. Here's a copy and paste from my text to mishka earlier:

My initial impression is these skis are a good design for me skiing the east coast. Keep in mind the soft snow this weekend refroze and alot of people only skied a few runs. I skied nearly 20. They handle choppy golf ball ice good considering they are mid fat. They ski a bit like a race ski so they like to go fast but short radius turns were good too. I never got the chance to really open it up but im guessing that's where they will shine. You also absolutely be in the drivers seat and not ski them passively....cannot get in the backseat which is ok with me. They threw me around a bit on my last couple runs but that's mostly because I was tired and the snow was deteriorated quite a bit. Im not sure how they will ski bumps. ...I suspect alot of work but doable. ...the 110 would probably be my goto ski for soft bumps. Ill know more as the season progresses but for now I am very happy and know these are going to be a great ski. Probably won't get out again for a couple weeks as work is getting busy with holiday parties and finals are coming up

I'll know more about what these skis strengths and weaknesses as I get more days in varied conditions. So far they seem like a good logical ski on the east coast for me....I like em!
Sounds like you had fun! For shits and giggles, where was you boot center from the tip?

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