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    ADK- Lows Lake/Oswegatchi

    Took an AMAZING canoe trip to Lows Lake this summer with a small group from my camp. The canoeing was absolutely beautiful down the small, winding river to get to Lows Lake. We had originally planned to portage around 3.5 miles to the Oswegatchi River, but unfortunatley blowdown got the best of us about 2 miles into it, so we had to turn around. On the way back to our camp on Lows Lake, we catamaraned 4 canoes, whipped out a HUGE tarp, and actually sailed the entire length of the lake almost. AMAZING, and we went so fast. There are beautiful campsites on Lows Lake if they are available, and this was one of the most memorable of all the canoe and hiking trips I have ever been on in the 'dacks. Beautiful region of the Adirondacks, rivaled only by the Raquette River in my opinion. Not sure if canoeing is "allowed" in this forum, but I figured here made more sense than the skiing one .

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    I did the Lows Lake-Upper Oswegatchie portage fifteen years ago and camped at Lost Pond. That is a great trip and a long way to lug a canoe. I like your sailing idea too.

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    15 years ago? That portage must have been a breeze back then. I think we actually took a wrong turn and ended up in thick woods where the canoes would literally not fit through. In addition to the old blowdown, it was tough going. Even though we had to turn around the trip and get picked up where we started, we had two whole days to relax at the campsite and explore Lows Lake.

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    Yeah, I was 16 then. The trail wasn't bad but it was still a long way for me as a kid.

    I did the Little Tupper-Lake Lila trip (with several tough, unmarked portages) when it first opened, and I thought that was a tougher trip overall. That was another great one.


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